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Frequently Asked Questions

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Try the following:

Reboot your router.

Reboot or power cycle your router first. Unplug the power cord from the back of your router, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in.  Give the router a few minutes to completely reboot. Once it is done, try your Internet again.

Bypass your Router.

If rebooting does not fix the issue, try bypassing your router by plugging the internet feed wire directly into your laptop or computer. If you can access the Internet this way, the problem may be with your router.

Reboot your Modem.

If we provided you with a modem (non-fiber customers), reboot your modem first (it will be the box that is branded Zhone, Pannaway, or BEC), then reboot your router after the modem is completely rebooted.

Check Internet Feed Wire.

The internet feed wire is the wire that goes from our equipment to your router. It is usually plugged into a jack in the wall or comes directly through the wall from outside. This wire needs to plug into the Internet or WAN port on the back of most routers.

Check the UPS/AC Adapter.

When we installed fiber, we installed either a UPS or AC Adapter that powers our fiber electronics. Check to make sure this is plugged into a power outlet and that there are no alarm lights. If you see an alarm light, please contact us.

If none of these steps work, call us at 435.835.2929.

Check Your Password.

The password may have been typed incorrectly. Most passwords are case sensitive. Double check it and try again.

Caps Lock/Num Lock.

When typing in your password, make sure the Caps Lock is off and Num Lock is on.

Move Closer.

Your device may not be close enough to your Wi-Fi router or access point. Even though you may see 3 or 4 bars coming from your router, that doesn’t necessarily mean the antenna in your device is strong enough to talk back to the router. Move closer and try again.

No. We offer internet with or without a phone line.

It depends on how you use the internet.

If you just check email, our basic package may work fine for you. If you stream movies, play games online, work from home, or have multiple devices connected to the internet, you may want to consider a faster speed.

For recommendations, call 435-835-3391 and speak to our Customer Service Professionals or answer a few questions here.

Most likely.

If you have devices that connect wirelessly or if you need to connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time, you will need a router.

You can purchase and install a router yourself, or you can buy or rent one from us. For information about our routers, click here or call us at 435-835-2929.

No. Cable or DSL modems from other providers typically will not work with our fiber-to-the-home system.

No. We do not filter content.

This means that you can access any site without restrictions. To filter content and manage screen time, we recommend our TechLink Managed Mesh Wi-Fi product.

There are also many other apps available to download and use to filter content.

CentraView TV

  • Amazon Fire Stick1
  • Amazon Fire TV (5.1+)
  • Fire TV Cube
  • Fire TV Editions2
  • Apple TV3
  • iPhone (iOS 11+)
  • iPad (iOS 11+)
  • Android Phones (5.1+)
  • Android Tablets (5.1+)
  • Android TV2
  • Android TV Devices
  • MiBox (5.1+)
  • nVidia Shield
  • Sagecom DIW387 UHD
  • Most popular browsers

1Gen 2, 3, & 4K versions. Gen 1 Fire Stick not supported due to poor performance. 2Fire TV Editions include Element, Westinghouse, Toshibia, Insignia. Android TV models include Philips, Sharp, Sony. Not all TV models have been tested and some models may not have sufficient computing capabilities for the CentraView app. 3Apple TV Gen 4, TV OS, & 4K.

To install CentraView, please watch the video.

You can also download or print instructions here.

How to install CentraView


Outgoing Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server Port: 587
Outgoing Secuirty: None or Auto

Login: Your entire email address (i.e.

Refer to the following step-by-step guides for your particular mail client:
Android Devices
iOS Devices
MAC Mail
Windows 10 Mail App

For your security we do not have access to your password, but we can help you reset it.

There are two ways you can change your password.

  1. Call 435.835.2929 and have us reset it for you.
  2. Click here: WEBMAIL. Next click on “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions.

Your new password should contain at least one letter, one capital letter, one number, and one special character (!@#$%^&*…).

The main reasons for email not being sent or received are:

  1. Internet is not working.
  2. Your device has the wrong settings. Check to make sure your email settings are correct.
  3. The wrong user name or password has been typed in. Verify and try again.
  4. Your anti-virus program may be preventing the email program from talking to the email server.
  5. The email address you are sending to does not exist or was typed incorrectly.


Spam and scam e-mails can look very legitimate these days. Look for misspelled words and links that take you to other websites – do not reply to these emails or click on any of their links.

The best way to get rid of spam is to filter it through your mail program. Most email programs have built in spam filters that will allow you to mark email as junk and automatically put it into a junk folder. Each email client is different, so you will need to research your client to see how to set up spam filtering.

MTCC Speed Test

Speed Test

For best results, bypass any routers or switches before running a speed test.

Click Start to begin the speed test.

Ping – The time it takes for a signal sent from your computer to reach the server and come back. The lower the ping, the better.

Jitter – The variation in delay of data packets as they move across the internet. High jitter can result in lag during online gaming and choppy audio or video during video calls.

Download – How fast you receive information from the internet.

Upload – How fast you send information to the internet.

Download and upload speeds can vary depending on location, customer equipment, website status, etc. but should be relatively close to the speed you are paying for.