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Rodrigo Guitron

Service Technician

Team Member Since:  November 2022
Nickname:  Hot Rod
Hobbies:  Spending time with family, Video Games, Resting, & Video Games

Background:  Rodrigo is originally from Sanpete County and is one of the few people who have attended both Manti and North Sanpete High Schools. He is married and has one son. He is the proud owner of a burrito field and can gleek on command! Rodrigo also lost to Colt in the 2023 MTCC P.I.G. Tournament. See the video here.

Why He Likes Working for MTCC:  When asked if Rodrigo likes working here, his answer was "meh". His goals are to make a name for himself in our awesome company...and not get fired. Good luck with that Rodrigo!