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The Need for Speed

How fast is your internet?

These days, bandwidth is everything.

The more bandwidth you have, the more things you can do.

Streaming video apps like Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video and others are recommending higher and higher bandwidths. In fact, to have the best streaming experience with the best picture quality most…

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We had our annual Customer Appreciation Day on Sept. 14, 2018. This time around Aang from Nickelodeon’s “Avatar The Last Airbender” was here to meet and greet our awesome customers. 

We had hot dogs, drinks, chips and popcorn for everyone who came! We had a great time and even did our bouncy ball drop again. We brought it back from last year because it…

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Basketball Shoot-Out

Our first ever Connecting Your Life Basketball Shoot-Out was a success!

During the Manti vs. Gunnison Varsity Boys Basketball game there was an epic half-time battle between Jorgensen Chevrolet of Ephraim and Freedom Ford of Gunnison. It was a shoot-out to end all shoot-outs as Ford went head-to-head against Chevy – but in the end the true winner was the Sanpete Pantry. The fundraising event raised just under $1200 (after…

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Customer Appreciation Day 2017

Did you know that we had our Customer Appreciation Day?!?! Well, we did, it was a while ago, like Sept. 15, 2017 a while ago. And it was awesome!!

We had hotdogs and chips for everyone who came…we had a couple of bouncy ball drops from the bucket truck (the kids loved that one, balls were flying everywhere), and we had some of our “Free…

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Free Wi-Fi Summer 2017

Free Wi-Fi Summer 2017 was a hit! We had over 4600 devices connect to and use our Free Wi-Fi during the event. We had Free Wi-Fi available at the following locations: Manti City Park, Rat Fink Reunion, Manti City Pool, Sanpete County Fairgrounds, Sterling Town Park, and the Ball Fields in Ephraim.

We want to take the time to thank all of those who used the Free Wi-Fi, as…

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We’re Going Green!

We are excited to announce that over the course of the next few months, we will be taking steps towards going “Green”.
Keep an eye out for more “green” news!

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Pharos=Home Automation=Awesome!!

Pharos Smart Home Logo website

Have you ever had the thoughts?–

“Man, I forgot to turn down the heat in my house before I left on vacation…I guess my empty house will stay good and warm while I’m not there.”
“I forgot to leave a light on before I left…now people will know that I’m not home.”
“Did I leave that appliance on at…

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Sharks in Manti?

You know…we are a small, rural, landlocked little community. It’s a great place to live…and usually you can feel pretty safe from the threat of a shark attack. BUT a strange thing occurred a few weeks ago…and unexpected strange thing…sharks, yep, you heard right, SHARKS began to pop up all over the towns of Manti, Ephraim, and Sterling, and it caused quite a stir!!! The difference with these sharks…

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We “Heart” Our Customers!!

Scandinavian Days

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came out and supported us at the Scandinavian Days parade. Our viking ship float was a lot of fun to build and seemed to get a ton of positive remarks. We had everyone dressed up like “Pirate Vikings”, complete with swords, horned helmets, and eye patches. We hope everyone had fun at the parade and we will see you…

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Free Wi-Fi At Rat Fink Reunion

Free Wi-Fi is once again coming to the 2016 Rat Fink Reunion!

Last year, MTCC launched Free Wi-Fi for the Rat Fink Reunion, both at the Manti City Park and at the Rat Fink Museum on 300 North in Manti. It was a smashing success as we had over 800 devices connect to and use the Free Wi-Fi last year.

This year, we are again providing Free Wi-Fi at both locations…

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Website Easter Egg Hunt

Congratulations to the winners of our first ever Website Easter Egg Hunt!

During the week prior to Easter we hid 5 Easter eggs on our website and challenged our customers to go and find them! We had a lot of people participate and most of the eggs were found. Once they found the eggs, they had to click on them and answer a question to get entered into the drawing.


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