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AMC Survey

We would like to hear from you.

This survey will help us understand how important AMC Networks are to you. AMC Networks includes AMC and BBC America. We are negotiating an agreement with AMC Networks and we would like to know how much you value their channels. AMC’s shows are available in many different places, so it is our goal to make sure that we provide you with the networks you want while managing costs to keep your bill as low as possible.

Please answer the following questions:

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    Which of these AMC Networks do you watch regularly (5 or more hours per week)

    How much are the AMC Networks worth to you?

    What would you do if AMC Networks were no longer included in your lineup?

    How should we best manage the increasing cost of cable TV due to network fee increases?

    Do you subscribe to any of the following streaming services?

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    For more information about how TV negotiations work, please visit: TVONMYSIDE