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This product has been discontinued.


Filter Content

Block by category, site, app, and more.

Track Browsing History

See what sites they have visited at the touch of button.


Manage Screen Time

Pause or block the internet hourly, daily, or by device.

Mobile Protection

Protect your mobile devices, even when they aren't home!

Internet Controls - Simplified.

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FiberGuard Mini

All the hardware you need to get started. SRP $74.99.


FiberGuard Essentials

Manage Screen Time, Filter Content, Track Browsing History.


FiberGuard Pro

Everything plus Mobile Protection.


FiberGuard Business

Protect and manage your business network.

FiberGuard by Router Limits


So, what happens when a device leaves your home network? FiberGuard screen time management and protection from harmful content follows you wherever you may go! The mobile companion app enforces limits no matter the device location.

With the FiberGuard mobile companion app, all of your home settings follow your mobile devices. Whether they’re on mobile data or a friend’s Wi-Fi, your devices are protected.

Install the FiberGuard Router Limits mobile companion app on any mobile device you’d like to manage. The app is quick to install and there are no additional settings to create. Login and turn it on.

Mobile Protection is available with the FiberGuard Pro package for $9.95 per month.