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Here are some advantages corded landline phones have over cell phones and other phone options.

Better Sound Quality

Can we hear you now? Yes we can!

It's a simple fact. Landline phones just sound better than cell phones, which makes them perfect for noisy houses or work areas, those with hearing issues, and those who actually want to hear their conversations.


Have you ever dropped an important call on your cell phone?

Chances are you have. With a landline phone you are less likely to drop calls, and you don't even have to stand by a window to get a good signal!

Faster Emergency Response

Unlike cell phones, a landline phone is tied to an actual physical address, which allows emergency personnel to find you faster in an emergency. A cell phone uses GPS, which can get them in the vicinity, but can't tell them things like what apartment you are in.

Kids At Home

Do you have kids at home?

What happens if you are not at home and there is an emergency? Do they have their own cell phones? Are their batteries charged? Did the kids lose their cell phone again? No worries. With a landline phone, they'll always have a way to call you in an emergency.


Did you know that cell phones and even cordless phones can be monitored by scanners programmed to listen in on their frequencies? If privacy is important to you, a landline phone allows you to have a private conversation with a greatly reduced risk of someone listening in.

Less Expensive

Are you trying to save money?

We hear this a lot from customers who are wanting to drop their landline phones, but what they don't seem to realize is that having a landline phone is far less expensive than any cell phone plan out there. If you're truly trying to save money, drop your cell phone bill and stick with a landline phone!

Screen Addiction

Do you or your kids spend most of your time staring at a screen?

Cell phones, tablets, and other smart devices have created screen "zombies". Screen addiction has become a very real problem, and is growing rapidly in all areas of the world. With a landline phone, there is no screen to get addicted to. Take a break from staring at your screen, and have a meaningful conversation with someone on your landline phone!




Residential Access $17.08
County-wide EAS (Extended Area Service) $.75
911 (Local Emergency Service) $1.48
SLC (Federal Subscriber Line Charge) $6.50
Utah Universal Service Fund $.36
Total* $26.17
*Price does not include Federal Universal Service Charge, Access Recovery Charge (varies by city), or Ephraim Municipal Telecom Tax. $100 Deposit required, refundable after 1 year of on-time payments or can be waived with 1 year continuous enrollment in Autopay and E-Billing. $30 Connection Fee. $30 Drop Fee or may require estimate. Last updated 12-17-2021 - Call for latest pricing and tax information.


Unlimited Plan
per month
Unlimited in Continental US
No per minute charges
For Residential Use Only
Basic Plan
per minute
No Monthly Usage Fee
In-State and Out-of-State
*Unlimited Plan is for residential use only and is not available for business or home-based business services. Manti Telephone reserves the right to verify the Unlimited Plan is not being used for business purposes.


Basic Voice Mail Basic VM + 10 Premium Voice Mail
$3.95 per mo. $4.95 per mo. $6.95 per mo.
1 Minute Greeting 1 Minute Greeting 2 Minute Greeting
10 - 1 Minute Messages 20 - 1 Minute Messages 20 - 2 Minute Messages
$10.00 Voice Mail Activation Fee applies.


Choose from some of the most popular calling features.

Anonymous Call Rejection Remote Call Forwarding
Call Forward - Busy Selective Call Acceptance
Call Forward - Do Not Answer Selective Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding Selective Call Rejection
Call Logging Teen Line
Call Waiting Three-Way Calling
Caller ID Toll Restriction with Access Code
Caller ID Blocking Voice Mail
Caller ID on Call Waiting Voice Mail to Email
Distinctive Ringing VM Online Portal
Long Distance Block Wire Maintenance
Message Waiting Indicator *57 Call Trace
Non-Listed *66 Continuous Redial
Non-Published *69 Last Call Return
Click here for more information. Feature Activiation Fees may apply.



Utah Telephone Assistance (UTAP) is a program to assist eligible households with their monthly basic local telephone service. The program provides a monthly discount to low-income customers on their primary landline only. The program is funded through state and federal funds. The discount is applied to basic and local telephone services only, but does not prohibit a customer from choosing additional features. The program does not cover long distance calling charges. Both new and current customers are eligible.

How do I qualify?

If you qualify for any of the following programs, you qualify for the Lifeline Assistance Program:
- SNAP (Food Stamps) - Veterans Pension 
- Medicaid - Survivors Benefit Programs
- Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - BIA General Assistance
- Federal Public Housing Assistance  - Head Start (income qualification standard only)

You may also qualify if your total household income is at or less than 135% of the federal poverty level (see chart below).
Household Size Gross Annual Income
1 $18,347
2 $24,719
3 $31,091
4 $37,463
Add $6372 annually for each additional person in household.

How do I apply?

1. Call Manti Telephone at 435.835.3391 or visit our office and request an application.
2. Download and print an application by clicking HERE.

Please send completed applications to:
Lifeline Service Center
P.O. Box 7081
London, KY 40742