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Hey all you wonderful customers, future customers, returning customers, citizens of Manti, Ephraim and Sterling…welcome to our new BLOG!! A blog you say? Yep, this here is our blog to keep you…our customers, future customers, returning customers…informed about what is happening at The Manti Telephone Company and The Manti Tele Communications Company! We hope you will return here often to see the latest of what is going on and how it can benefit you.

First off—Why 2 companies (Manti Telephone and Manti Tele Communications Company)? Well, it’s because we are 2 companies. Simple huh?! Well, let us explain. The Manti Telephone Company has been around for over 100 years!!! 100 years, can you believe it? That means that there is not a person living in Manti today that hasn’t had The Manti Telephone Company here and functioning!! Crazy huh?!?! We provide awesome landline services which include landline phone service, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, etc. We have a lot of experience with this so we feel like we do a pretty dang good job!!

Then there is The Manti Tele Communication Company that came along around the turn of the century. MTCC is the internet, cable, cell phone, smart home company. We have some pretty stinkin’ awesome cable packages with all the most popular channels. We have a local cell phone company called Breakaway Wireless that provides great cell service to this great area. We will be announcing our new Smart Home launch soon…and you should be very excited about that…VERY excited (see how we told you that you should check back here often to see the latest and greatest?) We provide SUPER fast internet at SUPER amazing prices!! We are the only all fiber network in Sanpete County!! That’s right, you heard right…the ONLY!! We will talk about fiber in another post to help you understand it’s benefits fully…but for now, suffice it to say that FIBER is the only way to go when it comes to Connecting your life! Fiber is the way of the future, and it’s awesome!

Manti Telephone Company went beyond Manti’s boarders around the turn of the century to include Ephraim…it already included Sterling. And along with the formation of MTCC around the same time, we have been hard at work ever since to make sure that all 3 towns have the BEST options available to keep you connected with the world around you!! We love having you as customers and we hope that you love having us as your local phone, internet, cable, cell phone, and smart home provider!

Again, the purpose of this blog is to keep you informed, and we hope that you will return often to keep yourself informed of the great things that are happening here as we strive to serve you! THANKS!!

Written by Gavin Cox