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You know…we are a small, rural, landlocked little community. It’s a great place to live…and usually you can feel pretty safe from the threat of a shark attack. BUT a strange thing occurred a few weeks ago…and unexpected strange thing…sharks, yep, you heard right, SHARKS began to pop up all over the towns of Manti, Ephraim, and Sterling, and it caused quite a stir!!! The difference with these sharks was that there were names written on them such as GoblinGary and DogfishDallas, and if you texted that name to the number 28748 you got a message back telling you that you won a prize!! Man…those were the best, most friendly, non-dangerous sharks ever!! Good stuff.

Yep, we hid plastic inflatable sharks throughout Manti, Ephraim and Sterling for the week of Shark Week that was broadcast on the Discovery Channel. We took pictures of these awesome little sharks and posted them to Facebook and Instagram to give the community clues as to where they were. We hid 4 sharks a day and when people found them they texted in to our Connectxt Program and were informed of some awesome prizes that they could come in to our office to claim. We had a GREAT response and there were a lot of great shark hunters out there every day trying to find our illusive sharks!! Were you one of them?

We had a lot of fun with this and those who found the sharks said that they had a lot of fun hunting them. It was just a small way for us to have some fun in the community and give a little something back to the community!! We love doing business here and we love our customers…and potential customers!

With that we just wanted to let you know more about our Connectxt program. It is just a program where you can text the keyword “joinmtcc” to the number 28748 and you will be added to our program where you will receive texts about promotions that we may have going on, notifications of things that are happening in our company, alerts of occasional outages that we make be experiencing, and announcements of things to come. If you would like to be a part of this program just text “joinmtcc” to 28748 and that’s it.

Thanks for participating in Shark Week…MTCC style…and maybe, just maybe there will be sharks swimming in our community again next year!!

Day 4 Collage Sharks (1 of 4)

Written by Gavin Cox