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Yep, you read it right, THE Santa Clause…the real deal…came to Manti Tel!! Awesome huh?!? Yeah, we’ve got connections! OK, ok, maybe he wasn’t THE Santa Clause, but he was his very best helper!!

Santa came on Dec. 10, 2015! We made sure that we had decked our halls and they looked great!! We have some awesome Customer Service Representative who know how to make our office look great any time…and especially for the holidays!! We set up Santa’s chair in front of our awesome telephone booth!! If you haven’t come in to see our telephone booth…you really should. It’s a trip to the past, and hey, you can even show your kids what phone life was like before cell phones! Well, Santa took a seat upon his fantastic Santa chair and waited for the kids to arrive…and arrive they did. We had some awesome little whipper-snappers come in to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him exactly what it was that they wanted for Christmas. 2 of the 4 were very happy to see him…one felt like he was a little too old to sit on Santa’s lap…and the other, well, she was a little less than happy to see him. Santa spoke to one boy for quite a while as to what it takes to be Santa’s elf. Yeah, we’re pretty sure that that little boy is out there trying to accomplish everything on the list of requirements that Santa gave him to assure his spot as Santa’s elf.

More kids came, most of them were thrilled to see him…and only a few were…well let’s just say that there might have been a little fear coursing through their little kid veins. Some went right up and sat on his lap and others needed a little coaxing. BUT when all was said and done, it was a great event where the community could come through our doors to have a little Christmas fun with the man in red and white.

We sure do love our community and we love our customers and we thank you for your support and we hope to do more events like this to give you an excuse to come on by and visit us for a little while. If you are reading this and are sad that you didn’t drop by…don’t you worry, you may not be able to see Santa if you drop by now…but, some Customer Service Representative Elves might just give you a candy cane to make your holidays GREAT!! Thanks!!

Written by Gavin Cox