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Have you ever had the thoughts?–

“Man, I forgot to turn down the heat in my house before I left on vacation…I guess my empty house will stay good and warm while I’m not there.”
“I forgot to leave a light on before I left…now people will know that I’m not home.”
“Did I leave that appliance on at my house? I hope my house is still standing when I get home.”
“I wish I didn’t have to give a key to the person that’s feeding my pet while I’m gone but there’s no other way they can get it the house.”

Well, if you have…we have some solutions for you. As a matter of fact we have a solution for every one of those scenarios up above…who’d of thought?

We have HOME AUTOMATION equipment and service at MTCC!! Yep…we do!! Ok, so some of you are probably thinking “what in the heck is home automation?” Well, we will tell you…home automation is a way for you to control different things in your home with your smart phone or computer!! Awesome huh?!?! Still confused…well, here are some examples:

We have a smart thermostat that connects to your heating and air conditioning system that ALSO connects to the internet. So, if you forget to turn down your heat before you leave for your vacation…no problem. You can get on your phone and using our app you can tell your thermostat to turn itself down 5-10 degrees during the duration of your vacation! Cool huh?!?! AND when you are coming back from your vacation…when you are maybe 30 minutes from home you can just log in again and turn your thermostat back up and have your house toasty warm for when you walk through the doors!! Who wouldn’t want that?!?!

What if you forgot to turn on a light, and you want that light on so that everyone doesn’t know that you aren’t home for the next week? No problem…we have smart outlets and smart light switches that allow you to turn them on or off from your phone or computer. You could turn the lights on or off however you would like! Not only that but you can actually schedule your lights to come on at a certain time and turn off at a certain time so that it seems like you are at home…and so that your lights aren’t just sitting on day and night while you are away!! Awesome huh?!?!

What if you left on your curling iron or oven on, or at least thought that you might have? If you know that you tend to do those type of things or have the potential to do so, just get a smart outlet and install it where you do your hair…or by your oven and plug those appliances/devices in. If you forget to turn them off…just get on your phone or computer and just shut that outlet off…it just gives you that peace of mind…and that is always a good thing.

We have video cameras and motion sensors that you can install in your house!! All you have to do is log in and you can watch what is happening in your house live!! You can set it up so that if the motion sensor is triggered while you are away that it will alert you and you can log in and check to see if your house is ok!!

What if you do have someone that is feeding your pets while you are away? What if you don’t want to give them a key? No problem…we have a door lock that you can assign codes to and you can give a code to the person feeding your pets and make that code active for only the days that they will be feeding your pets. After you return home you can erase that code and it won’t work anymore!! Cool huh?!?! Also, if they forget their code you can open the door for them via your phone or computer…or you can assign them a new code…etc. The sky is the limit!!

These are just a few examples of what we can do to make your home “smart” through home automation!! There are so many applications and we can work out a plan with you to make your home work the way that you want it to work!! Give us a call or come into our office and we will get you set up the way you want!! 835-2929

Written by Gavin Cox