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Free Wi-Fi is once again coming to the 2016 Rat Fink Reunion!

Last year, MTCC launched Free Wi-Fi for the Rat Fink Reunion, both at the Manti City Park and at the Rat Fink Museum on 300 North in Manti. It was a smashing success as we had over 800 devices connect to and use the Free Wi-Fi last year.

This year, we are again providing Free Wi-Fi at both locations but we are adding a twist. Rat Fink brings a lot of people to Manti and Sanpete County each year, and we want to help drive some of that traffic into the local businesses here in Manti, Ephraim, and Sterling.

To accomplish this, we have made a few changes to our Free Wi-Fi program. First and foremost, the visitors will still have a free Wi-Fi option at both locations. However, the free trial will only last for 15 minutes at a time and will be at slower speeds. If someone wants all-day access and faster speeds, all they need to do is visit one of our local sponsors, buy something, and pick up an Upgrade Voucher with a code on it that will enable the all-day version of the Free Wi-Fi.

We would like to take this opportunity to Welcome Back all of the artists, car enthusiasts, and Rat Fink Fans that come to the Reunion each year and thank them for their continued support of our local businesses while they are here.

If you have a business and would like to become a sponsor for the Rat Fink event, please contact us at 435-835-2929.

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Written by Bobby Kirkham