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We love our customers!! Yep we do. SO…we had an awesome CUSTOMER APPRECIATION WEEK…and inside of that week we had a CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY!! Good stuff!!

Our Customer Appreciation Week was the week of Sept. 14-18, 2015. We had drawings, contests to make things exciting. We also had drinks and chips available for our customers who came in to pay their bills or even just to come in and check things out. We discovered that Diet Coke was actually the least popular drink…being that it was the only left over drink at the end of the week.

Customer Appreciation Day was a great success. We fired of the grill and grilled up some great Hot Dogs. We served Hot Dogs on buns, chips and drinks for those that came into the office. We had JD Fox from Mid Utah Radio here and we officially unveiled our new Showroom!  We had around 200 people that showed up, ate, chatted and checked out our existing services…and some NEW services that we are now offering! It was a great day with great customers, so we thank you again for being our customers!!

Our Showroom is up and running and we will talk more about this in another post, but just so you know, you can drop by any day during our business hours and check it out. It will give you a hands on experience with what we have to offer!

We mentioned earlier that during our Customer Appreciation Week we had some drawings and contests. Our Contest is still going so you can enter any time up until Sept. 30, 2015. It is our Lopsided Photo Contest. All you have to do is take a photo of something that is lopsided and submit it here on our website at The reason why we are doing a “lopsided” contest is to remind you that we offer SYMMETRICAL INTERNET! What does lopsided have to do with symmetrical? Well, they are polar opposites…and that’s what we wanted you to be aware of. Most internet connections are lopsided…meaning that your upload speed is different from your download speed. We offer SYMMETRICAL INTERNET here at Manti Tele Communications Company…which means that your upload speeds match your download speeds. That means that those videos and photos that you are uploading to youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. will upload fast just like when you download videos, photos, etc. You can get SYMMETRICAL INTERNET for just $10 more per month on top of your internet package. There are many advantages to Symmetrical Internet that we will go over in another post.

We also had some drawings and some great prizes that we gave away. Here is a list of the winners and the prizes that they won:

Monday-LeAnn Layton–Dirks Farmhouse Gift Certificate
Tuesday-Shane Ross–Los Amigos Gift Certificate
Wednesday-Kyson Warwood–Movie Tickets
Thursday-Gary Peterson–Los Amigos Gift Certificate
Friday-Judy Hallman–Sno Cap Lanes Gift Certificate
Regina Angell–Sno Cap Lanes Gift Certificate

AND our Grand Prize Winner:
James Mitchell–Fitbit and Jacket

Thanks again to all of you that participated in the drawing and we hope you are enjoying your prizes!!

Again, Thanks for making our Customer Appreciation Week and Day so great!! We really appreciate our customers and we hope that you are enjoying the services that we provide for you. Drop on by and check out our showroom…and sign up for SYMMETRICAL INTERNET today!!

Written by Gavin Cox